24 feb 2015

World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem by Various Artists (mixed by DJ LaJedi) #FD #FemMcs #WomanPower ¬¬¬ Via ¬¬¬ @Nomadicwax

The World Hip Hop Women project is back with 19 of the finest emcees in hip hop. Nomadic Wax, World Hip Hop Market and Dj LaJedi present, “World Hip Hop Women: SoundSIStem,” the second volume of the groundbreaking WHHW mixtape series. Representing 17 nations, these women in Volume 2 embody hip hop in a way that extends beyond the role of emcee. These artists are integral and evolutionary members of their respective communities. They are socio-political activists, journalists, fashion designers, cultural ambassadors, educators, b-girls, wives, partners, and mothers. “WHHW: SoundSIStem” gives you dancehall/reggae inspired hip hop from Canada, Brazil and USA, heavy bars from Detroit to South Africa, sexy island sounds plus neo-soul vibes from Mexico to the U.K. and hip hop soul from The Netherlands. The “World Hip Hop Women” mixtape series is a celebration of the feminine contribution to hip hop culture. WHHW are some of the most clever and fierce emcees in the game, period. 

Track Listing:
1. I.B.G (IamBlackgirl) - "Uprising" (Canada/Prod: Lou Piensa)
2. Maya Jupiter - "Phenomenal" (Australia/USA/Prod: Maya Jupiter & Aloe Blacc)
3. Medusa - "Nheb niitch Hyeti" (Tunisia/Prod: Olof Dreijer of The Knife)
4. D.S. Sense - "Get In The Flow (Technique)" (USA/Prod: Planet Da Majestic)
5. Witnesz - "Rock Superstar" (Tanzania/Prod: Maneke)
6. Leli (K­lidas) - "Mucho Rap (ft. Malian & Zero Plastica)" (Cuba/Prod: Dj Nio of Zero Plastica)
7. Lurdez da Luz - "Ping Pong" (Brazil/Prod: Leo Justi & Leo Grijo)
8. Moyenei (Estreya Morena) - "Kero Tanto'" (Chile/Mexico/ Prod: The Salazar Brothers)
9. Sarina Leah - "Travellin’" (UK/ Prod: Te1 productions)
10. StaHHr - "Sankofa" (USA/Prod: Calzone)
11. Shedney Ruffin - "Lost in Amsterdam" (Netherlands/Prod: Coert Cremers)
12. Sadahzinia - "Den Eimai Kanenos" (Greece/Prod: B.D.Foxmoor)
13. Jezzy P - "Todo Está Bien" (Mexico/Prod: Camba Beats)
14. Loop Luna - "Loop Lunatica" (Italy/Prod: Turi)
15. Devour Le Kenyora - "The Climb" (South Africa/Prod: Mx dafreshprince)
16. Ancestress and Yilinhi - "Speak the Truth" (Australia/Prod: 1st Spawned)
17. Jessica Care Moore - "Tiger Stripes (ft. One Be Lo)" (USA/Prod: D-­Will)


released 17 February 2015
Produced by World Hip Hop Market & Nomadic Wax
Exec. Produced by Greg & Magee
Directed & DJ-Mixed by DJ LaJedi
Hosted by Jessica Care Moore
Audio Mix & Mastering by Daniel Cantor at Notable Productions/www.notable.com
Cover Design by Dj Nio - www.djnio.net

For interviews, media inquiries, or for more information please contact DJ LaJedi at unlimitzzzzz@gmail.com or Greg Schick at greg@worldhiphopmarket.com



all rights reserved


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