31 oct 2013

THE MVZE - Summer Treat #FD On Afrihooop

THE MVZE came by through a chance encounter between two enigmatic yet very productive fellas
from Brussels,Belgium at a studio downtown where they wrote 3 songs in an evening. The obvious
chemistry and shared music influences were the ignition key to their forming a project based on their
members’ collective artistic experiences. Their desire to create timeless and trendy sounds
accompanied by intimate melodies filled with emotional energy lends THE MVZE character and gives
them a twist that interestingly prevents them from falling into the trappings of sounding “already heard” .

The music is edgy & has a modern vibe which bridges the gap between avant-R&B, hip hop & soul music with a sparkle of Pop. What they bring to the table is quality freshly composed music that reflects the spirit of the now and tomorrow, laced with a huge dose of original vibes; sweating it out on stage and making sure that audiences have a good time.

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