16 oct 2013

Slam - Poetry Made in Botswana : Mandisa Mabuthoe performs "Ribbons to Bind My Hair"

Botswana-based poet Mandisa Mabuthoe performs "Ribbons to Bind My Hair."

Ribbons to Bind My Hair
I’m not so twisted anymore
I’m looking for ribbons to bind my hair
I cant be the fairest of them all
I cant be so loose like Cinderella
I am not going to sugarcoat the witch hunt
I am not waiting to be rescued
I think I’m waiting to be born
But these days its not so twisted anymore
Because the villains and the princesses
They all get paid the same
The poets and the Princes
They all sound the same
Dreamy and twisted and far away from pleasure
Reckless and rebellious and far away from home
Looking for complicated ribbons and strings
to bind my tongue
but these days I’m not so twisted like a robe
I cant be too soft and thick
My skins gone thin against the bone
But I’m not so shackled anymore
And its not so hard to walk away
Not to forbidden things I don’t regret
Not to broken promises and biscuits and fairy tales
I wont forget
Rays of light untie the ribbons that bind my feet
Red ribbons to lace up my tattered boots
Pink ribbons to hide all the purple hues
So no one knows Ive been abused
Orange ribbons the slippery kind
So as not to confine my wings the day
[I'm ready to find] the day
I’m ready to fly

Source : http://www.africanhiphop.com / Sebastian Modak On Vimeo

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