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Beat Tape City : Tape II (African Edition) By Teck Zilla

Beat Tape City: Tape II (African Edition) By Teck Zilla
Wednesday, August 28, 2013 Posted by Duncan Sodala

Welcome to Beat tape City II: The African Edition. 20 banging tunes from cats out the motherland. 
These names might not ring a bell but they do pack a punch when it comes to the boards. 
Dopeness from the likes of MHP,Black Intelligence, Xblaze, Kraft, XYZ, Mifliss, Dj Juls, 
Swarthy Soul and myself. 
Tune in and zone out !!!

1 Blackman’s Cry By Teck-Zilla
2 Here we go again By Xblaze
3 Dusk Till Dawn By MHP
4 Sometimes I Just Don't Get It By XYZ
5 Tendency By Swarthy Soul
6 The Start By MHP
7 Wawu By DJ Juls
8 Maybe By MHP and Black Intelligence
9 All Kosher By Teck-Zilla
10 Amplitude By XYZ
11 Loving You By DJ Juls
12 Always By Swarthy Soul
13 Here We Go By Xblaze
15 Souled Off By Teck-Zilla
16 I Love Motown By MHP and Black Intelligence
17 Rock On By Kraftmatiks
18 U Have No Idea By XYZ & Mifliss
19 Who's There? By XYZ & Mifliss
20 Pad & Pen By Kraftmatiks
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