18 abr 2013

W i s e ☥ O n e : C O S M I C * C O M P O S I T I O N S * r a d i o * v o l u m e 1


Door Of The Cosmos - Sun Ra
Travel The Spaceways - Christoph El Truento
Brew Session (Featuring Stainless Steele) - Josh Hey
What They Want From Me Feat. K -Young Black Preachers
Fatima Feat Floating Points - Cinnamon
Few Days[FewNytes] - Knxwledge
For The Love Feat. Adad, Yaw & Denmark - Tensei
How Many Emcee's (Wun Two Remix) - Black Moon
Rehuscope - Flako
Unthnkable - Knxwledge
Twin Stars Of Thence - Sun Ra
Blunted - Christoph El Truento
Fungi - Home Brew (Produced By Christoph El Truento)
Mixed Saber - Al_Pd
Too Early - Slamagotchi
Post98 - Mndsgn
Birds.I.View - Def Sound Feat. Nikko Gray
NoDelay - Ohbliv
Am Weer - Jazzo & Melodiesinfonie
Over - Broke/
Track Off Whale EP - Wun Two
Interlude Track Off RaizaBiza & Max's Fed Up EP
World Is Love - BMB aka Space Kid
The May 4th Movement - Digable Planets
Recrackment -Twit Uno
Can't Wait (Wun Two Remix) - Redman
Gill Scott Heron Tribute - Prof.Logik
Unite - Ahwlee
Cinnamon Potion - Raaghe
Miso-Shiru & B.Haru - Lemon Shark
The Difference (Reprise) - Sango
Only.You - Color Plus
Blastit - Shabazz Palaces
Blues Through Bedlam - Oisima
Desert II - Shah Marg
The Truth - Rise

Mixed By w ☥ s e 1

Artwork By Jordan Cuthers Clark


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