19 abr 2013

Marked Men Incorporated (Botswana) On Afrihooop

Marked Men Incorporated (Pty) Ltd aspires to become a leading and reputable Group of Companies within the SADC region and become recognized within the global village through innovation and creativity.

Marked Men Incorporated (Pty) Ltd is a group companies that was established in 2007 and registered in 2010. It was founded by brothers Vaughan Mutambarah, Tatenda Mutambarah, Arthur Mutambarah and Topo Matlhape.

The company comprises of Clothing Line, Entertainment & Events Management Company, and is looking to expand into Real Estate and the Food sector. The respective companies under the group that provide services within these sectors are as follows;

- Marked Men Clothing (Pty) Ltd - Clothing.
- Marked Men Entertainment (Pty) Ltd - Entertainment/Events Management/Marketing & Advertising.

Fundación                2010
Situación geográfica        P.O.Box 211202, Gaborone
Productos                Clothing, Entertainment, Events Management, Marketing & Advertising

Información de contacto

Teléfono +267 71 644 310
Dirección de correo electrónico  info@markedmeninc.com

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