9 mar 2014

Knowledge Is Power - Meenz "Gravity EP" (Refix Edition) (Teaser) @KIPPromotions Oxford · Britain (UK)

You've had the instrumental edition and the vocal edition, now it's time for the refix edition of Meenz Gravity EP! over the first 3 months this year we've made a huge campaign for this release and made some big movements and you guys have been loving it
There are other remixes and refixes not included in this teaser but we thought we'd keep those ones back for now so you get a nice surprise when it comes out at the end of the month
Tracklist for this teaser:
1. Rage (Knowledge Is Power Promotions 'Blind Rage' Refix)
2. Grey Goose (Scruloose Remix)
3. Pyro - (Chemz 'M-Charge' Refix)
4. Gravity (Emlac Remix)
5. Rage (Hoax Beats Remix)
6. Pyro (Knowledge Is Power Promotions 'Invading' Refix)
7. Gravity (Jon Doh Remix)
8. Pyro (Skinzmann Remix)
9. Grey Goose (Zyklon Sound Remix)
10. Pyro (Dubzta Remix)
11. Gravity (RSK Remix)
12. Rage (Highfonics Refix)
With nearly 250 downloads, You can grab the original Instrumental Edition here: soundcloud.com/knowledge-is-power-promo/sets/gravityepinstrumentaledition
Or directly download it here: www.mediafire.com/?hbx3d8tjihmvikn
And don't forget to get the Vocal Edition with just under 400 downloads featuring Kriptik, Ak (Scumfam), Spookasonic, Izzie Gibbs, Zeo and more here: soundcloud.com/knowledge-is-power-promo/sets/gravityvocals
Or directly download it here: www.mediafire.com/?anxxx10h89xe6hq
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