20 feb 2014

Da Video Of The Week : Continental Scars - Hustla Jay (Kenya)

Raw Truth presented in visuals that capture the missing links in our voice of hip hop in the continent great to see the hip hop community encouraging the return of truth on the frontlines - much love to brother Tedd Josiah and Hustlajay Maumau - this is that true B-Global Indigenous Hip Hop Gathering family spirit shining through the expression! we celebrate you fam!

Publicado el 13/02/2014
Music video by Hustla Jay
Theft of African resources continues, so does the struggle for mental emancipation.
Break free from those chains, live free, think free, be free.
Video produced by: Tedd Josiah
Music by: Tedd Josiah
Artist: Hustla Jay
Actress: Vee Vera
Sand Stone Studios

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Thanks to Sam P. Bodry 4 his Believe in Me. May God Bless u 

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