28 nov 2012

X Plastaz Present "Shule Mixtape" On Free Download

The new Shule mixtape presented by X Plastaz features some of Tanzania’s greatest emcees: P the MC, Fid Q, JCB, OCG, Rah-J, Jaymoe, Stopa Rhymecca Yokoi, Solo Thang, Macdamanify, TJ and Yuzzo. Started by Ziggy-Lah from X Plastaz (also known as the Soulplugger), the mixtape has been eagerly awaited by fans of X Plastaz and Tanzanian hip hop in general.
The Soulplugger did the beats and his verses were the starting point for each collabo. Tracks for the mixtape were recorded in Stockholm (Sweden), Arusha and Dar (Tanzania), Helsinki (Finland) and even Dublin (Ireland). While this is a collaborative effort, there’s already a follow-up being prepared which will feature all other X Plastaz emcees alongside Ziggy: Gsan, Yamat, Diney, Kamaa and Maria. Something to look out for in 2013… meanwhile, enjoy SHULE and witness the rebirth of Tanzanian hip hop.
Shule – Tracklist

1 Shule Intro
2 Wape Salam ft P the MC
3 Wandugu Wapenzi ft Fid Q & JCB
4 Dude ft OCG & Macdamanify
5 Yeah ft Wakazi
6 Story ft JCB
7 Achana Nao
8 40 Bars
9 Ah Ah Ah
10 Darasa ft Rah-J
11 Bang bang
12 Yupi wa Kweli ft Jaymoe
13 Mtanzania Msafiri ft Stopa Rhymecca Yokoi
14 Dereva Taxi (Temper On The Side)
15 Ndoto
16 Hip Hop ft Solo Thang
17 You Gots 2 Chill ft OCG & Macdamanify
18 Nimechoka
19 No Hook
20 Stay Low Cheza Nasi ft TJ
21 Waulize ft OCG & Mack Macdamanify
22 2Na Gadhabu
23 Tape Yangu
24 Wachaga Piga Chata II
25 R.I.P.
26 Make Chara ft Yuzzo
27 Shule

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