19 abr 2014

Young Bard ​··· ​Old sOuL EP by Hava Lanche #FD #RT

Hava Lanche ----> Emcee / poet / crazy scrawler / sketch artist

..Marine Electrical engineer, apple of God's eye, spiritually conscious,.. loves : writing, poetry, real musiq, hiphop culture, sketching, technology, life, mother nature, scribbling, Nigeria and GOD.

...Cool headed, ezzy , introspective, insightful, so earthoned, complex-is a force, dont stand on his way ..

' Too many complexities to the way I'm wired, sometimes am kinda scared of me '.. IamTheONE.

....'the Norm is a penitentary, where most of us here resides, but as for me, I'm breaking out '
[ words of HaV ]

This life is a journey no doubt ,therefore I’m that traveller preferably on the window seat of life taking notes of things I see on a daily :pains,beauty,hope,struggle,victory,happiness,chaos and violence .This EP is just like the liquid form of one of my journals .its a reflection of self and the society I have found myself in.Honesty on the mic –no illusion ,Havalanche in black and white . 

This project is more on the conscious side for every man ,woman and child to chew on. 

Its a collection of my unbridled poetry on beats from some of my favs beat junkies, the likes of Pete Rock, Black Chamber, Poldoore,Thomas Prime, Eddie, Damu The Fudgemunk, Kev Brown, Slim The Chemist and Dopplegangaz.

Give it listening ears while I improve myself to be a better novice .
Peace !


Released 29 March 2014

Thanx to mista Pr'verb for co-writing the joint 'Dont Leave me'

All joints recorded and mixed at OWE MUSIK STUDIO by Dr Godson except 2 by Babx at BABX STUDIO .


Facebook : Hava Lanche



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