8 sept 2013

Botswana Hip Hop Producers Corner - SniteVille’s “In The Mist Of Darkness Vol.1” On #FD - via eliasfm.co.bw

SniteVille is an eclectic one man band producer (Elisha Kenneth Sitima).SniteVille was born in Ithaca, New York (May 17th 1987) and Raised partly in Botswana, South Africa, London (Uk) and New York but now currently residing in Houston, Texas .SniteVille’s love for electronica blends through his sound into different genres to create a collective transcending sound of which he likes to call “rehabilitated music”.This is SniteVilles 2nd year professionally in the music industry and wishes to carry on for many more years to come profitably.

Producer music compilation composed of Electronica,hiphop,triphop,jazz,funk,drumnbass,dnb and Dubstep infused together to give a burst of who and what SniteVille is.


released 14 February 2013
SniteVille,Boombaptist,BeatmistressCait,Fuzzy lumpkins,Funeral Laughter,Yaw Bannerman,TubzDaMaestro,Anna Hlin,Ill Haze



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