18 jul 2013

Zubz The Last Letta (SA) - My Distress Feat Pebbles

Rated as Africa’s Hip Hop ambassador, Zubz penned his first rhymes at the age of 12. After graduating from varsity he won a major battle at legendary club 206 and graced the stage alongside Talib Kweli, Dead Prez, Black Thought and Jeru da Damaja at Black August.His grooming as an award worthy artist started with his highly acclaimed first album/mix tape,Last Letta. He has gone on to pen three albums Listener’s Digest (2004), HeadphoneMusic in a Parallel Universe (2006)and the 2009 release Cochlea: One Last Letta. Throughout this he’s stuck to his definition of Hip Hop: True, Lyrical, Brave and wholly Zubz

Release date : July 13th 2013

Straight Link 4 #FD https://soundcloud.com/zubzthelastletta/my-distress-log-date-january

Source : http://heavywords.co.za/

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